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Why You Should Hire A Wedding Videographer!

Weddings could be expensive and you might be thinking to cut cost by not hiring a videographer. But oh boy, are you missing out!

Wedding Videos Are Not What You Think Anymore

Forget the one hour-long DVDs (who still remembers DVDs or VHS) or the time you had to sit through slideshow of your uncle's wedding. That has changed.

Today's wedding videos embrace a more documentary style of filming, meaning the videographers are a fly on the wall and you might not even notice them until they're handing you a stunning video of your big day. It can be a short and sweet 3-7 mins highlight you can watch over and over again, and also share with family and friends.

But I Already Have A Photographer

Yes, you still need your photographer to get you the pictures. But a video is worth a thousand pictures, moving pictures.

The dances, the exchange of vows, your man choking up when he sees you walking down the aisle, your mom's tears while she's bustling your dress, uncle Sam's crazy dance moves, your best friend's speech and so on. It's the best way to re-watch it on your anniversary and cherish the memories long after your wedding day is over, till forever.

Video Captures Moments Photos Can’t

Of course there will be posed and candid photos taken on your special day, but anything in between, it can only be captured with video. You will be able to see your guest’s reaction to your grand entrance, or the fun cheering when they’re sending you off and so on.

Plus, there is a lot that happens on your wedding day, and it may feel like it went by in a flash. You can only be at one place at once. But on video, you’ll be able to look back at everything that you may missed. You may even catch moments you didn’t know happened because you were busy having fun.

Video Is Easily Sharable With Family And Friends

Let’s be honest, you can’t invite everyone you know to your wedding day, it’s not ideal (and you have 5000 friends on Facebook). Even if you do, not everyone from your guest-list can make it physically to your wedding day, because, you know… life happens.

So a video can be a great way for family, friends and loved ones who couldn’t attend the wedding to experience it. They can see and hear what happened, it’s the next best thing.

Thanks to the day and age we are in, you can also livestream your wedding now. Anyone in the world can be part of your day in real time, they can even wave at you and send their best wishes directly.

A videographer can capture every moment of the day to relive later and make the memories more special. Hire a professional videographer and make your wedding video to be unforgettable, you won’t regret it.

Have fun planning!

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