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How To Find The Right Wedding Videographer!

Having video is really important for your wedding day, sure. We even wrote a blog about why it's important. But where do you find a good one? Do you find them where you find photographers or these are some wizard creatures hiding somewhere making movie magic? Choosing a videographer should be the same process as choosing your photographer. They both capture moments and memories for you to cherish, they both have their places and should be treated as such. Here are few ways to find the right videographer for your wedding.


Yes we’re in the 20th century with all the technology, but word of mouth still works like a charm. Ask for suggestions from family, friends, colleagues and neighbors. See how your best friend’s wedding video turned out, did you like it? Does she recommend them?

Your wedding photographer is also another person to seek referrals from. Some photographers may even offer videography as part of their services, or at least know someone who does.

If you have already secured your other vendors, don’t be shy to talk to them about it too. Your DJ, Planner or Florist might know a great videographer that can fit your style. They’ll also be able to tell you about their personality, not just their work so you can decide if you want to spend your wedding day around them or not.


Once you narrow down your search of videographers, go to their website and see their review. Take an extra step and look them up on Google to see more reviews. There is a chance of tweaking or hiding reviews from their personal page, but you can find the good, the bad and the ugly ones on other platforms. Read thoroughly and see what previous clients say about them. Sometimes the videos could be nice but the personality, not so much.

Wedding Planning Websites

Checkout wedding planning websites like TheKnot, WeddingWire, Zolla and so on. They have plenty of vendors listed on their platform with sample works. It's also another place to check for reviews of your potential videographer.

Bridal Shows

Depending on your city, find a bridal expo to attend. They’re mostly inexpensive (if not free) and expose you to a large number of vendors to choose from. Even if you secure most of your vendors, you can still see what others have on their table and learn from it. You get to meet fellow brides and see how they’re planning their wedding as well. Also, there are free giveaways!

Have fun planning!

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1 Comment

May 02

You make some great videos. There was one thing that I didn't consider when I had my wedding videotaped. When my wife and I wanted to review our celebration, it turned out that the video format was not suitable for our TV. Thanks MPG converter was able to solve our problem, we tried to fix it for a long time :)


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