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How to Make Your Wedding Video Epic!

Wedding videography comes in different styles, themes and price ranges. It takes a little bit of research and resource to find one that matches your vision. Here are some tips that can help your wedding video to be amazing.

Find The Right Videographer

Not all wedding videographers are created equal. Yes, they’re all talented, but they have different styles and qualities. Watch a lot of videos and make notes of what you like most. Some wedding videos can be composed of getting ready scenes and staged bride and groom poses, while some may have a lot of candid coverage of dancing and the reception.

Some can include only music and pretty images, while others include vows, speeches and toasts. Some can be documentary style showing things in its chronological order of appearance and some can be cinematic, showing clips shot in various angles out of order to tell a story.

There are even videos that shows interviews with the bride and groom, filmed either on the wedding day or before. Which one do you like most?

Communicate Clearly

When talking to a videographer of your choice, make sure you communicate black and white. Do not assume anything. Send them videos that you like and specify what you liked about it. If the video is shot outdoor but your ceremony is going to be indoor, make sure you communicate that so they can prepare for the lighting change.

Wedding films are evolving through time, so have the packages and the lingo. Understanding everything that comes in your package and ask what you don’t understand. What’s a teaser, what’s the difference between a raw footage and a full-length film, how long is the coverage, how are you getting your film, cancellation policies and so on…

Meet Them Before You Book Them

Wedding day filming can range anywhere between 4hrs-12 hours, you’ll definitely want your videographer is friendly. They need to be your best friend for that day.

Set up an in-person meeting, if possible, but virtual meetings (Zoom call, FaceTime…) work too. It’s helpful to get to know them and understand their personality. You don’t want to be taking directions from a stranger all day, and you don’t want a stranger to walk into your bridal suite asking for the bride.

Some companies make you talk to a consultant prior, and they’ll pick a videographer when your day gets close by based on availability of their team, and at some companies, you get to talk videographers directly. Either way, it’s best to put a face to it before you seal the deal.

Let Them Do Their Job

Wedding videographers are creative folks who are behind their cameras for a reason, let them be creative. Do all the research, ask all the questions and clear all your doubts prior to the wedding and have confidence in them. On the day of, you should just let loose and enjoy the moment while they’re doing their job.

You’ve hired them for their time and expertise, they know what they’re doing. It may not seem that they’re close enough because they’re standing behind the ceremony area, but they have lenses that can zoom from far far away. Seriously tho, they’re getting a lot even when it doesn’t seem so. This is also where having a list of shots to get can come handy on your prior meeting with them.

Thank Them At The End

Gratitude goes a long way. Filming all day, running around from the makeup room to ceremony, from backyard portraits to reception, from grand entrance to grand exit… could be exhausting. Before they leave, make sure to express how they made you during the day, ask if they ate, and thank them for their service. Even if you’re paying them for it, they’re also people and it’s a nice gesture to show your appreciation. While it’s not a must, tipping is also encouraged if you’re happy with the service you’ve received.

Have fun planning!

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