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What To Ask Your Wedding Videographer!

Because we told you where to find them on the previous post, or because you're just a genius, you found your videographer. Great, now what? What should you be asking them?

There are a lot of questions to ask the team who will be filming your wedding. Obviously, their name (duh), if they’re available for your date, prices and so on… these are common. But let’s see some other key questions you should ask your wedding videographer!

Day of Videographer

Some companies make you talk to a consultant prior, and they’ll pick a videographer when your day gets close by based on availability of their team. You may or may not get a chance to talk to the assigned videographer prior to the wedding. The consultants will transfer what you discussed to the assignee, and you trust they’ll carry out the job as per your vision.

In a different scenario, the person you’re talking to might be the person that’s actually coming to you to film. In that case, you can be certain that whatever you’re discussing with them will translate on your day. You’ll get to know them personally and it’d feel less awkward on the day of.

Camera Coverage

Obviously, the number of crew members and equipment depend on your budget. And of course, the more team members the better to capture the event from various angles. But even if you hire just one person, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be one camera. There could be 2 or more stationed cameras that they will set up to capture the event. Make sure to clarify on these ahead of time in order to avoid missing shots or any disappointments later.

Filming Details

A wedding has a lot of moving pieces, a lot happens at the same time. On your pre-wedding meeting, discuss your timeline with your videographer, let them know if there is a special dance or speech or traditional element that may happen in the event. Avoid surprises. Having a shot list could also be helpful so everyone is on the same page as to what to capture.


How long is the coverage? Is it 6 hours, 8 hours or 12 hours? When does the clock start? You want to make sure you set starting and ending time based on your timeline. That helps both of you to make sure you allocate enough time duration for key moments that needed to be captured.


Understandably, you can’t wait to see the video. But it has to go through editing, sound design, color grading and so on, and that might take time before it gets to you. But how long should you wait? Make sure to clarify with your videographer on when they’ll deliver your video.

Delivery times vary based on your packages, pricing, and agreed terms. Mentopia has a guaranteed 4-week delivery for wedding films, we want to make sure the memory and excitement is still fresh in your mind.

It’s also a good idea to verify how long your video is going to be. Just because your videographer spent all day doesn’t mean you’ll have an hour-long video. What does the contract say? How long is the final video going to be? Is it one short video or there is a separate longer video?

Also, clarify on how the final video will be delivered. Will you receive a DVD (what’s DVD lol), will it arrive on a USB drive, or is it delivered digitally using a cloud storage service (GoogleDrive, DropBox…)? Is it the high-resolution file? Would it be watermarked or not?

Some agreements can be vague on these terms so be absolutely clear on what your delivery is.


Yes, you read that right. If you’re hiring your videographer and photographer separately, it’s helpful to know if those two have worked together before. It’s a plus if they have, but it’s not a problem otherwise either. The goal is to make sure the two work as a team to make your vision come true. You want them to not be in each other’s way but still get the shots they want.

When possible, it’s helpful to introduce them prior to the wedding so they can figure out a game plan. You can stay for the introduction and leave when they start nerding out about their gear.

Cancellation and/or refund policy?

Life happens. Planning a wedding takes up a lot of resources and energy and you won’t be cancelling/postponing it unless something major come up. But it’s a peace of mind knowing the policy of your videographer just in case an unfortunate scenario come up.

Have fun planning!

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