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Why Your Business Needs a Testimonial Video

We know you’ve seen them on your social media feed. In fact, they’ve probably made you stop scrolling and invest your time watching.

Testimonial videos can be a powerful marketing tool for your business as they allow customers to share their experiences with your product or service in their own words. No marketing jargon, no script. Just real experiences. Testimonials provide valuable social media proof that converts leads into customers.

Shouldn't your business get the same attention? After all, word-of-mouth advertising is the most powerful form of marketing.

Your clients are your best advocates.

Because they’re coming from actual customers, testimonial videos are more relatable and trustworthy than traditional advertising. They feature honest recommendations from real people who have used your product or service. Testimonials provide valuable proof that helps you stand out in a competitive social media market.

Build your trust and credibility.

Not sure about advertising that isn’t micromanaged? Just remember: when customers speak on behalf of your brand, not only does it add to your credibility, but it shows your confidence in what you’re selling. Any company willing to let customers show their genuine emotions (both positive and negative) can be incredibly powerful when it comes to marketing and sales.

Discover new benefits with your products.

How many reviews do you go through before you purchase an item online? People want to feel secure in their choice before they make a purchase, and a testimonial video provides that assurance.

Another aspect that will work to your advantage (and have your marketing team jumping for joy) is the further insights into your products and services that even you may not know about. Your most valuable asset is a person who uses your product firsthand.

Never underestimate the power of emotions.

When people make a purchase, they are emotionally invested in it. Doesn’t matter if it is toilet paper at a big box store or a new car, emotions are always a factor. Once you build that emotional connection with potential customers, you’re halfway to closing the deal.

It's about generating a relationship that is mutually beneficial.

An easy way to increase brand awareness.

In addition, this marketing tool boosts your SEO, which means your website will be recommended over competitors. Sharing the video on your business's website and social media can help to improve the visibility of the business in search engine results. This will lead to more traffic to the website, which can in turn increase sales.

And finally… talent retention.

Testimonial videos are not only a client-facing and revenue-earning tool. They’re also vital in attracting potential candidates to join your organization. By sharing testimonials from current employees, your business will give potential candidates a sense of what it's like to work at the company. This creates a more positive and appealing employer brand, making the organization more attractive to top talent.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s film your success story and close some deals!

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