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Why You Need a Photo Booth For Your Event

Did you know that the photo booth’s history dates back to 1888? The first-ever working photo booth was created by French inventor T.E. Enjalbert and presented in 1889 at the World’s Fair in Paris. He named it the “Apparatus for Automatic Photography” (which sounded way cooler in French: Appareil pour la photographie automatique).

The technology may have evolved, but the interaction guests have within photo booths are timeless! For decades, people have been using photo booths for funny mugshots, a record of a wild evening or to show off their guns, literally.

But this is not a history lesson, so let’s chat about why you need a photo booth for your next event and how to find one.


It’s always a good idea to provide guests with something fun to do during an event’s downtime. And let’s be realistic, all events have periods of downtime! Whether it be a party, wedding or corporate retreat, your guests’ needs should be taken care of to the full extent of the event, not just the big moments.


People are drawn to a photo booth because it's a fun activity, and an easy way to break the ice. It naturally encourages people to mingle, shake hands and strike a pose!

Apart from breaking the ice, photo booths are also a great way to bring teams together and create strong bonds. Christmas parties, end of year events and happy hours have never been more fun.


As a business owner, you understand that data is king. Taking advantage of real-time information and analyzing it has become an integral part of staying competitive today. Lucky for you, while your guests are snapping photos and boomerangs, you’ll receive their contact information that you can use to power better customer experiences and marketing strategies.


Photo booths are highly customizable. You can brand the physical appearance of the booth, the touchscreen interface and even the image template itself. Add your company name and logo, brand it with your colors and anybody who stops by your booth will be exposed to your brand instantly.

To top it off, your guests get to take the prints or the digital deliverables home with them. Get ready to show off your logo on multiple refrigerators!


Photo booths are a lot like a Polaroid camera: no need to wait 3-5 business days to see your photos or wait for prints. Your guests will have instant, high-quality pictures that they can have sent to their phone via text or email. They also have the option to post the captures to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more with your predefined hashtag, the perfect way to engage your guests while increasing your social reach.


It’s 2023, motion is everything. Photo booth captures are now more than still photos. Some phone booths are capable of capturing fun GIFs (automatically-taken multiple shots), boomerangs (short, looping video) and even longer videos, spicing up how your guests can interact with it.


Cheesing in a photo booth is just plain fun for both you and your guests. Photo booths are a perfect way for older and younger generations to bond - and can be excellent for networking, too. As the night goes by (and the drinks start flowing) those hilarious photos will be posted on the online gallery for all guests to enjoy.

Come on, who doesn’t have fun dressing up, letting loose and making hilarious photo magic with family, friends and teammates? Our eco friendly photo booth with a small foot print will add a fun element to your event, let's chat.

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