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The Groomsmen

As a photographer, we have the privilege of capturing not only the love between a couple, but also the bonds between them and their closest friends.

Finding a group of best friends who truly understand and support you is a priceless experience that can enrich your life in ways you might never have thought possible. It can take some time to find this group, but once you do, the wait is absolutely worth it.

The feeling of being surrounded by people who "get" you and accept you for who you are is unmatched. And trust us - the camera picks up on this feeling. We take enough staged and candid photos to see the difference between trust shining through versus plain friendliness.

This trust makes sense when you think about it. Close friends play a vital role in our lives. They are the ones who make us laugh until our sides hurt, comfort us when we're feeling down and push us to be our best selves. Why wouldn’t you want that person next to you (giving you ibuprofen, holding the ring, offering a flask, i.e. saving your butt) on this big day?

When it comes to weddings, among other things, they can provide emotional support and even help with wedding planning. (Yes, some men actually help plan the wedding.) You want the guys brave enough to give you a much-needed reality check when you're feeling stressed. The ones who will make the day more enjoyable by sharing the happiness, the tears and the unforgettable moments with you.

Their speeches and toasts (let’s be honest: roasts) crafted from your relationship can make you laugh, cry and basically feel like you’ve done something right with your life. You made memories. You impacted someone else. Not only that, but you’re important to them, or else they wouldn’t be there supporting you.

Guys - feelings are okay. Feelings are friends.

Regardless of the number you choose, having your friends as groomsmen at your wedding is not just about having someone to stand beside you for aesthetic purposes; it's about having someone who supports you and your life, no matter what. Just as long as they remember the ring.

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